Meet Your Creator

Hi I’m Lori!

I am the owner and artist behind Charmd. Currently, I am a junior at Brigham Young University where I study exercise and wellness. I especially love teaching anatomy in the labs to fellow students and outside of school and art, I love exercise, all things outdoors, acoustic guitar, golden retrievers, my family and God!

I started Charmd in 2022 because I was at an all time mental low when I turned to art, something that has always inspired and calmed me. During a time of depression, confusion and change, I lost myself in pinching olive green clay to craft delicate leaves, trimming pastel flower petals and creating butterflies-- especially creating butterflies. During this new beginning in my own life, butterflies started to symbolize to me the beauty that can emerge through metamorphosis. However, the joy I felt from my own creations was too great to just keep to myself. I wanted to share it with others and that is how Charmd was born. Every time I get a smiling picture from a customer of themself wearing my butterflies it is a great reminder to me that we each have a story. You like me have probably faced some extreme hardships and challenges and we are! Those are the things that help us become stronger, deeper and more beautiful, inside and out.

So thank you so much for being here along with me for the journey. Thank you for supporting.


Enjoy your charms,